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Uploading Photos

Post by Matt Haberman » November 16th, 2003, 12:50 pm

We have added the ability to Upload photographs to the discussion Forums. This new feature allows users to upload photos directly from their computer and have it hosted on our forum server. This feature is accessable to all registered users when posting a message by using the "Add Attachment" feature located at the bottom of the "Posting Screen". We have placed a few restrictions in place for the benefit of all users, please read and understand them before posting any images. This will help to eliminate overloading of the forum server and provide acceptable performace when browsing the forum for all users on both Slow and High Speed internet connections.

The following restrictions have been implemented:
  • -Maximum of 3 photos per users post
    -Maximum Photo size of 500KB
    -Maximum Photo Resolution of 1280x1280
    -Photos Larger then 640X640 will not be shown inline and will be linked to a seperate browser window
    -Photos will be pruned as they "age" and free space on the server is needed
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