Future Supercat 17 owner, Poplar Grove IL

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Future Supercat 17 owner, Poplar Grove IL

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Hey all,
New member here, first post. I have a little sailing experience. Learned in Boy Scouts back in the 70's, on a Sunfish. Did some catamaran sailing in Florida near the turn of the Millennium on a Prindle 16. This season I bought a couple of little foam lateen rigged boats - one is a Snark and the other one is of unknown manufacture, but seems a little closer to a reclaimed igloo cooler than the Snark does. I'm finding the foam boats, though fun and super convenient, are not great family boats. My wife really liked the cat sailing we did in Florida so that was her vote. I called one of my serious catamaran sailing buddies in Florida to ask for advice, and he offered to give me his old Supercat 17. I know, nothing more expensive than a free boat and all. But, sounds like the boat is complete and needs just a little work. I am sort of a project type person anyway. I've got a couple sewing machines, I made a sail for the igloo cooler, I've got a vacuum pump and some composite experience from my aerospace career. So, I'm going for it - just have to do the long drive from Northern Illinois to Southern Florida and get it. My goals for the boat are twofold: some easy cruising on light days with the family, and I'm sure my oldest and I will want to go out and scare ourselves. I'll be picking the boat up in December. My buddy is prepping the boat and trailer, and I'm rebuilding the rusty bumper and spare tire well of my 2000 Buick so I can safely bolt on a hitch.

So the guy giving me the boat wants to see it go to a good home. My catamaran friends in Florida were all Sikorsky aircraft co-workers, which is co-located on the campus where Bill Roberts used to work. The current owner of this supercat was friends with Bill and lived either in the same town as him or nearby. Palm City was the place to live down there.

One of the folks over at the beachcats forum mentioned Aquarius Sail and the forum here. So I thought I'd wander over and check it out.
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Re: Future Supercat 17 owner, Poplar Grove IL

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Welcome! Read everything here, and then go back and read it again...
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