Possible new SuperCat owner

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Possible new SuperCat owner

Post by kootenaysail »

I've been hoping for a SC19 but have just found a decent looking SC17 within driving distance.
Any opinions/ideas about these great boats. Seller is responsive and claims boat is up to snuff and comes on a nice trailer.
Interesting that it comes with reef points as I have only seen these on older Hobie 16's.
By the sail number it seems to be a early model.

T Peterson
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Re: Possible new SuperCat owner

Post by T Peterson »

My original Supercat had reef points in the sail - I seem to recall I ordered it that way. The logo on the sail looks original. Let us know if you buy it! And then take a week and read everything on this forum...

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Re: Possible new SuperCat owner

Post by Beavertailskiff »

I just bought #495, 1982. Sail # is in HIN. Same colors as yours. $700 barn find. Dirty and stained but solid with a new tramp. Got about 3 hours unirigged before I took it down to sand/polish hulls. This is no P16 or H16!!

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