Trampoline coming out of track - ‘81 SC17

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Trampoline coming out of track - ‘81 SC17

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Hello all,

The trampoline on my ‘81 SC17 started to come away (out) from the track a couple weeks back, and no matter how many times I slide it back in or try to thicken the luff with tape it comes out. Any suggestions??

See attached pictures.
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Re: Trampoline coming out of track - ‘81 SC17

Post by gahamby »

Try replacing the bolt rope.
Matt Haberman
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Re: Trampoline coming out of track - ‘81 SC17

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One thing to consider is where does it start to pull out from. If it starts pulling out in the middle then the only real solution is to replace the bolt rope with a "HARD" Luff braid rope which should resolve the problem. Don't use a soft rope or a twisted braid, the problem will persist.

If the tramp always starts pulling out at the end (front or back) then you can try putting a hard piece of plastic or fiberglass rod (1/4" diameter) inside the end of the luff tape. This may resolve the problem.
Matt Haberman
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