New Photo Upload Feature

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Matt Haberman
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New Photo Upload Feature

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I have upgraded the photo attachment feature of the forums.
The most notable new feature is that photos larger then 640x640 or 50KB will now be shown as a reduced thumbnail (approx 400 x400) instead of the "Paperclip" Icon and link. The reduced thumbnail can then be "clicked" and the full-sized image will open in a new window. This should enhance the picture viewing experience of everyone, especially those who are connecting via dialup.
When posting photos you will have the ability to "Delete the Thumbnail" if you would rather have the "Paperclip" & link show instead of the reduced size photo. This option is available next to the "Delete Attachment" button when a thumbnail is created.

So here are the new guidelines for photo uploads:

-Maximum of 3 photos per users post
-Maximum Photo size of 500KB
-Maximum Photo Resolution of 1280x1280
-Photos Larger then 640X640 or 50KB will automatically be reduced, shown as a "thumbnail" and linked to the fullsize image.
-Photos will be pruned as they "age" and free space on the server is needed.
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