Creative mast stand for use with wraparound tramp?

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Creative mast stand for use with wraparound tramp?

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Piece by piece I'm getting this old 19 reassembled for the first time in many years, but soon it'll be time to knock it back down for trailering to some actual water. When I brought it home cross-country in November, the tramp was off, so whatever combination of ratchet straps, bungee cords, and a Mickey Mouse pillow would do. Now, though, I need something more appropriate.

So has anyone come up with a good design for supporting the mast at/on the aft crossbeam with the old wraparound tramp? I'm not looking for a stand that plugs into the trailer - the crossbeam is about 20 inches aft of the trailer, so I don't like that approach much (and please note that I'm not interested in a discussion of the legality of things extending past the taillights).

In all these years someone must have come up with a better answer than I can now.
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