Racing SC15 weight

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Racing SC15 weight

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I'd like to start racing my SC15. I'm not experienced enough to do well (yet!) but:
Should I race solo or with a crew? Does wind speed change this? I don't have a self-tacking jib.
Matt Haberman
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Re: Racing SC15 weight

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The SC15 was originally marketed in two configurations - UniRig (Mainsail only) and Sloop (Mainsail & Jib). Depending on your weight and experience you might want to sail it as a UniRig if you're going out by yourself. Without the self-tacking Jib you might have difficulty trimming both sails, especially when you go to tack. Without the jib you will have less to manage by yourself but tacking can also be tricky. Here are some tips for tacking the UniRig:
  • Make sure you are headed as high as you can will keeping the boat moving, not on a broad reach.
  • When you push the tiller over you need to keep it all the way over against the stops until the boat starts to bear off on the new tack.
  • When the boat goes head to wind let the traveler out completely and let out several feet of mainsheet.
  • As the boat starts to bear off on its new tack trim the traveler in first, then trim the mainsheet in for your new heading.
It will take some practice and probably some blown tacks but with that practice you should be table to tack everytime without an issue.
Matt Haberman
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