Raising the sail

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Raising the sail

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When my sail gets over half way up the mast it becomes extremely tough to get to the top. I have to have my son feed the bolt rope into the track and I wrap the halyard around a 1” pvc pipe for grip to finish the job. Yes, it’s a 40 year old mast and sail but does anyone have any pointers or tricks? I’ve hit the track with McLube without a noticeable difference.
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Re: Raising the sail

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I had the same problem on my SC15. I had the original 3 braid halyard that ran up the track and back down. I traded that out for a factory Aussie ring and masthead hook rig from Tom. I also had a pinch in the track from the previous owner's dropping of the mast. I banged that out with some wooden wedges. I ran a PB Blaster soaked 3M green pad up and down the track quite a few times. I sprayed McLube on the bolt rope while the sail was still rolled. All that made it better but raising the sail was still a chore. There's a lot of posts about this on the forum.
Good luck GH
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