Looking for Race Results

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Looking for Race Results

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Hi Guys,
I was just doing some work on the main Aquarius Sail website and realized that I had been really lacking in my duties. I don't have any race results from 2004 :( and I realize that 2004 is gone and I doubt anyone still has hard copies from some of the big races, but I am putting out the request for 2005 results.

Here is what I am looking for. Race results from any regattas where you or other ARC sailors placed in the top 10. I really like to see elapsed times and not corrected, but I will take any results you can get me. I would also like a little story about the racing, conditions, etc. so it gives a flavor for what the event was like and how the boats performed. Pictures are good, but only if they are your own and your willing to let us use them on the Aquarius Web site. If your going to send photos, pease don't fill my email box with huge files, so reduce them down in size to approx. 640x480 if you could. Also include a note giving Aquarius Sail permission to use them on main website.

In the past I have typically just posted long distance race results, but if you have some race results from a bouy regatta I will look into putting that on the site too. For bouy races I am not going to post all of the elapsed times from each race, so the Top 5 Trophy winnners is fine. The reason I like the elapsed times is because it is the "Raw" data and then anyone can apply what ever handicap system they desire to see how the results may have played out differently. I also feel that using elapsed time shows how the boat really performed and it isn't impacted by a "Number".

Spring is here, our local lake opened up yesterday and I am looking forward to seeing your results, so go out and have a fun summer on the water. If you can help me out, please send me a Private Mail on this forum or you can send an email to my regular mailbox (see my profile for the address).
Matt Haberman
Aquarius Sail Inc.
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