stepping the SC17 Mast discussions

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stepping the SC17 Mast discussions

Post by stringbender »

I'm on my 2nd SC17 and since I started sailing them one thing has changed, I'm over 40 years older now and the challenges to step the mast have not changed. I manufactured a gin pole however flawed and it remains that physically muscle stepping remained a better out come than tying my trapeze lines to the outward front beam and only having a couple times where I felt It worked out, the times where it got hairy made me change the process.

As long as I don't have to drag the boat too far using cat trax I feel its doable at my age however the stepping of the mast may be at a point where I either need a youthful jib mate capable of the step or I might decide to sell my beloved 1990 SC17.

If you have pictures of your set up, or a video, please contact me as I would love to see this.

Doug Bent
Stuart, FL
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Re: stepping the SC17 Mast discussions

Post by gahamby »

I feel your pain. I never managed to document my mast raising rig. I tensioned my trap wires to the front crossbar of the trailer with ratchet straps.
I could control the sway easily from the front of the boat. I cranked up the mast using the recovery winch on the trailer. I built a telescoping mast support that put the turning block(bow roller) at about 10-0 off the ground. I hoisted a mast length bridal to the masthead and hooked the strap to eyes in the ends of the bridal legs. The apex of the bridal was seized onto a mast track slug . It had an eye above that that shackled into my Aussie ring. I had to tie a trip line to the ring to un-hook it so I could bring down the bridal. My aft mast support held the mast at about 6-0 off the ground. With the mast on the step ball the mast head was about 8-0 off the ground.
All this gave me a steep enough angle of purchase to crank up the mast. I attached the head stay at the ends of the bridal right at the bow tangs.
Of paramount importance is to keep the stern firmly attached to the trailer until the process is complete.
I left both Heyfield levers open as the trap lines had the tension I never had the mast tilt too far forward.
When lowering the mast I turned a line around the mast a couple of times and held both ends so I could control mast rotation.
It sounds involved but I could step and unstep the mast single handed.
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Re: stepping the SC17 Mast discussions

Post by JupCat »

Doug, I'm Wayne Cornelius's nephew. I can show the gin pole I built for my 17. It's a process but it works.

And if you decide to sell yours, please let me know.
T Peterson
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Re: stepping the SC17 Mast discussions

Post by T Peterson »

I used to raise my Hobie 16 and then Supercat 17 mast alone. About 40 years worth! I would set the boat on the beach with the bows lower so when the mast was up it would stay there until I got around to the front to fasten the forestay. We have a lake place now and I only rig the boat once a year.

A couple years ago, age 68, I got it up but barely, and looked for a better way. I got the factory gin pole but it was too much fussing for me.

My current solution works great but requires a helper. I tie a long, maybe 50 ft line to the forestay. My wife (not a weight lifter) starts to pull as I lift the mast and honestly, it works great. It cuts the effort by 1/3, which is all I need. At this time...
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